Battery Chemistry Food Products

Auger Filling Machine

It’s a high-speed, high-accuracy filling machine with the vertical screw feed.

Main Specifications

Auger Automatic Filler Machine
for Screw
0.5–4.2kW Servo motor
for Stirring Blade
0.1–0.4kW Geared motor
Capacity of Hopper
27φ–100φ Attached with screening disc or saucer at the tip
Filling Auantity
Filling Accuracy
±1/200–1/500(depend on raw materials)
Filling Methood
Pulse filiing control/Weight filling control/concurrent use Pulse filiing control and Weight filling control/Feedback control
Level Meter Control
Upper limit detection-Sensor detection
Lower limit detection-Timer control
Vibrating level sensor
Powder contact area SUS304(Buff#300 polishing),Others SS400
You can do anti wear thermal spraying the screw
Power Supply
AC200V(three phase) 1kW

Business Type or Packings

Business Type
Battery/Chemistry/Food Products/Feed/Medicine
Battery Powder/Chemical Powder/Protein powder


・According to specifications,it can be changed such as the hopper capacity, screw blade diameter, screw length, etc. .
・It is possible to suppress dust generation and press filling by linking with the option of automatic lifting device.
・It is also possible to Interlocking filling by linking with an automatic packaging machine.
・It can be combined with a conveyor to fill containers other than bags.
・We will select the auger section, stage section, and control panel section according to the customer's request.

Various parts and options

Weighing instrument: Load cell platform scale
Vacuum degassing device: Vacuum pump drive, funnel integrated special filter
Automatic lifting device: Height control function by servo mechanism
Automatic clamping: linked with footswitch
Automatic conveyor: Not only on the platform scale, but also on the front and back conveyors that can be combined

Drawings and Dimensions

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