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Granule Powder

FS Type Flexible Container Scale

It is a flexible container filling device that can add with various options such as bag inflation device, automatic lifting device, automatic clamp, automatic conveyor and so on.

Main Specifications

Filling Quantity
500kg or 1,000kg
(Apparent specific gravity at 0.6 pellet)
Filling Accuracy
Feeder Device
2-step cutgate
Attachment Device
Bag clamping device
Automatic lifting device
Automatic clamp
Chain conveyor
Power Supply
AC200V(three phase) 5.5kW

Business Type or Packings

Business Type
Chemistry/Ceramic engineering/Steal/Feed/Environment/Mining service/Recycle
Every kind of resin pellet/Chemical powder/Beer lees/Soy sauce lees/Granular sludge


・It can be resulting in high accuracy by the gross weighing method that eliminates the tare weight for weighing.
・The opening of the bag is suppressed by manually with the spare clamp, and perimeter clamping by button operation to make the bag blow up. By inflating the inner bag, the material can be filled to every corner of the bag.
・The filling is promoted by the operation of tapping with an automatic lifting device during filling.
・The automatic lifting device can be adjusted in height to support different bag sizes.
A limit switch is attached for height position detection.
・The filler chute lowers down to where the bag is positioned to facillitate a smooth operation.

Various parts and options

・Pallet magazine
・Bag transport conveyor
・Vibrating pedestal (stimulates the bottom of the bag with a vibrator during filling)

Drawings and Dimensions

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