Agricultural Facilities

Weighing Control Panel 801

The operation panel has excellent cost performance by limiting the control of the scale to one unit, . The multiple search function makes it easy to search for operators. The sampling control and moisture meter control management functions are also provided. It also supports various options such as high-level communication.

Main Specifications

801 Series
Desktop type
Power Supply
AC200–220V(single phase) AC100–110V(single phase) 50/60Hz
CRT Display
Color display
Copying slip/Thermal roll paper
Chinese character print support
Standard Feature
Farmer multiple search function(phone number search, others)
Automatic moisture control

Business Type

Grain elevator/Rice center


・It can be used for a long time since the main unit uses a factory computer.
・It can easily search for producers with a phone number search function (kana name search, code search possible).
・It also supports various options such as high-level communication.

Various parts and options

・External display
・Received data upper communication and USB output
・Double tank control
・Automatic moisture
・Barcode printer

Drawings and Dimensions

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