Hopper Scale

Raw Material composition system, Resin composition system, Chemical Agent Plant, Agricultural Plant, Food Processing

Hopper Scale for Powder Use

A weighing machine that receives powder raw material into a hopper and continuously weighs it using the set weight automatically. It also has a vibrator to prevent raw materials from clogging.

(1) Hopper Scale for Powders and Grains

A scale for powder・fine particles. The raw material is supplied through 2 stage cut gate (small and large dispensing). Dispensing is carried out through fan-shaped gate. It is suitable for weighing raw materials with good flowability.

(2) Hopper Scale for Powders and Grains

A scale for powder・fine particles. Dispensing is accurately done through screw feeder. Feeder device attachment is optional.

Hopper Scale for Liquid Use (1) Temperature Maintenance Function

For liquids that are solids at normal temperatures, temperature is maintained for weighing before the liquid is exhausted.

Packer Scale

Feed Processing Plant, Food Processing Plant

Common Powder Packer Scale (Net type with screw feeder)

An automatic scale with 3-step feeding which allows high speed weighing of fixed quantities of powder.

Simple Gross Type Packer Scale

It is a cheap filling device that weighs while filling through a screw feeder.

Screw Packer

This machine transfers the products stored in the hopper using two screw feeders and fills it in the bags using the blow nozzle.

Air Packer

It transfers the product by using only low air pressure. Therefore, it is a universal bag filling machine that can be used for various products without compromising the product's crushing・blending ratio.

Flexible Container Scale

Agricultural Delivery facility,Food Processing Plant

FS Type Flexible Container Scale

A flecon filling machine that can be equipped with various options such as bag inflation device, automatic lifting and lowering device, automatic clamp, automatic conveyor, etc.

SK Type Flexible Container Scale

A simple style flecon filling machine. Cheap and with simple structure. Equipped with manual lifting and lowering device.

Shuttle Station

Once the flecon bag is attached in the mounting port called "shuttle", transfer of flecon bag, inflation, filling, bag detachment and taking out is entirely done automatically. Only the sealing will be done by the worker in the end. Bag mounting that is done by two people in the past can be easily done alone. Compared to the past, work efficiency is remarkably improved through automation.

Product Videos

Batcher Scale

Mortar Compounding Facility

Aggregate Scale (Load Cell)

A weighing machine that weighs the necessary sand and gravel for concrete manufacturing.

Cement Scale (Load Cell)

A weighing machine that weighs the necessary cement for concrete manufacturing.

Water Scale (Load Cell)

A weighing machine that weighs the necessary water for concrete manufacturing.

Admixture Ingredient Scale (Load Cell)

A weighing machine that weighs the necessary admixture ingredient for concrete manufacturing.

Scale Peripherals

SVC Vacuum Compactor

The SVC Vacuum compactor enables to increase the bulk density of the powder and reduce its volume by degassing the air existing between particles of powder which passes through the machine. The machine consists of double cylinder; the outer cylinder is made with vacuum chamber and the inner cylinder is made with metal filter and porpous metal plate. A screw is installed inside the filter. The outer cylinder is directly connected to a vacuum pump, thus the air in the powder conveyed by the screw through the inner cylinder filter is continuously degassed.

Ribbon Mixer

The most common mixer. Mixing is done using the shaft with rotating ribbon. It is used for kneading after weighing the mixture.

Powder Packer

Food Processing Plant

Powder Packer

Weighing machine for bagged food related products.Troublesome manual bag filling work can be done simplier and easier. The part touching the raw material is made with stainless steel sanitary type so it is also safe for food.The machine structure allows easy cleaning, easy screw removal and water washing. Position changes made easy through casters, allowing use in various places. It was made at low price.

Dust-free Filling And Measuring Device

Chemical Agent Plant

Non-Dust Filling Scale

Non-Dust Filling Scale clamps a bag tightly with rubber at the time of filling. This makes filling operation dust-free. Chucking master also comes in sanitary type.

Auger Filler

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing Facility,Food Packing Facility,Beverage RawMaterial Filling Facility

Auger Filling Machine

A high speed, high accuracy filling machine with vertical screw feeder.

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